chapel hill

  1. W

    Accepted UNC Applicants 2021-2022

    This group is for accepted students to ask questions and interact without causing a heart attack/panic to all of those in the normal thread.
  2. medshousing

    Renting UNC and DUKE! fabulous residential community for familie! easy access to hospitals

    www.MedsHousing.com Stay in a safe gated community near all the amenities Ideal for families. Pool, playground tennis etc. Walk to SouthPoint Mall Durham, North Carolina-2Bed/2Bath Apartment – All Utilities – Fully Furnished $2,000/Month 1400 Laurel Springs Drive, Durham, NC, United States...
  3. M

    MD Scared Rural First Generation App--Will I get in?

    I'm terrified. I'm in this alone, and I feel like I don't have enough community service hours! Rural and Underserved birthplace and residence. West Virginia Degree: Chemistry, State University MCAT: 512 GPA: 3.68 BCPM, 4.0 AO, 3.77 Total Clinical Volunteer: 104 hours at hospital, but counting on...
  4. R

    Making friends while Pre-Med

    Hey guys! I am a pre-med sophomore, straight As, research, shadow doctors, volunteer, etc. etc. and am doing everything I need to do to get into medical school, and am really proud of myself so far, but the problem is...I do not have friends. When I was a freshman, I was happy just studying all...
  5. krebmah

    Foreign Trained BDS applying for a 4 Year DDS?

    I just graduated from a BDS course and was looking into applying for a conventional 4 year DDS course, specifically at UNC Chapel Hill. I'm concerned about them asking extra prerequisite courses. Their website only says the following for international dentists: "Internationally Trained...
  6. Possum737

    UNC Supplemental Application before taking the DAT?

    I am currently filling out the UNC supplemental application. I plan to take the DAT on September 29th. One of the questions on the supplemental asks to explain your DAT scores. I hear that submitting the application sooner rather than later in preferred however I do not have my scores yet...