1. B

    AAMC Preliminary background check. Does this make sense to you?

    Hello all, Question for you - I recently received my first acceptance (yay!) however I have come across some seemingly conflicting information in the 2020 AMCAS guide regarding preliminary background checks. I'm wondering if you all know if the preliminary report (which I participated in this...
  2. lovehate

    How long did your Certiphi background check take?

    How long did your Certiphi background check take to get processed? Mine was processed within 5 minutes. I got an email that it was complete and ready to be released to the schools. I logged in and released it. Is that normal ? I thought these background checks take at least few days!
  3. M

    ADEA Background Check via Application Station

    Hey guys, So I was accepted to Creighton and I received an email about providing consent for a background check through the website applicationstation.com I am currently creating an account and am attempting to plug in my AADSAS number. My number is only 10 digits, but the site is saying that...
  4. W

    2017 Kentucky BOP Background Check/Fingerprinting

    Has anyone else gone through the initial licensure process for Kentucky this year? It took me forever to find a place to actually roll my fingerprints for their background check. Now, I've done that and mailed them in, but they told me it could take an additional 2 weeks before the state police...
  5. E

    Got accepted after listing DUI on application. Will background check ruin me?

    Hi Guys! So i was convicted of a DUI back in 2013. I listed it on my OPTOMCAS application and wrote my explanation for it. I was interviewed and got accepted! Now, that school is running a background check. Will that ruin my chances of keeping my acceptance, even though I was already forthcoming...