child and adolescent psychiatry

  1. D

    Thoughts on a contract for inpatient psych? New graduate

    I'm graduating this summer from CA fellowship, supervisors from my program are less than helpful about market rates for contracts in non-academic settings so I'm hoping others can provide some guidance on an offer I've received. Large (>1 million) mid-western city, Free standing psych hospital...
  2. GrassBladeRunner

    What residency programs emphasize child psych "track"?

    Hi, I'm entering my 4th year of medical school and am interested in child psych. Does anyone have input on which residency programs provide more "child" exposure throughout residency. My home institution has a child "track," but I've heard that it's not robust. Thanks for your help guys!
  3. S

    Position Available First-year CAP fellowship position available, July 2018, Northeast

    We are currently accepting applications for a first-year fellow position in our child and adolescent psychiatry training program, start date July 2018. If you are interested in a program that provides clinical excellence, teaching, and mentoring, please contact our program for more information...