1. D

    I am international student here who got in a dental school. ASK ME QS, love to help

    Hi guys, Through years of driving, I finally can become a dentist in US. FYI, I am from China, but I did my undergrad and grad schools in U.S. I know there might be a very small amount of Chinese are going into healthcare field. WHY? I have no idea. When I was starting this journey, NO ONE...
  2. D

    Medical School Interview in Foreign Language

    I heard that if you write on AMCAS that you speak a foreign language, that schools might interview you in that language. Can anyone comment on: 1) How frequently schools do this 2) Which schools exactly might do this 3) What languages schools tend to do this with
  3. Lost in Translation

    EAST Asian premeds/doctors around?

    It seems that many of the users here are of white, black, Middle Eastern (so... white? :p), or South/South East Asian descent. But are there any users of Chinese/Taiwanese/Japanese/Korean descent? Actually, many of my pre-med "friends" weren't even from this demographic. Is our market share...
  4. A

    Looking for Physician/PA for Primary Care Practice - Brooklyn, NY

    A medical office in Brooklyn NY is looking for a motivated physician (MD/DO) or physician assistant (PA) with NYS license to work in a primary care practice; full time or part time, in a supportive environment utilizing electronic medical records. Bilingual English/Chinese preferred. Recent...