1. S

    Applying to Canadian Internship as an American

    It has come to my attention that both US and Canadian sites are listed as available for match on the APPIC directory. Neuropsychology is my area of specialization and there were a number of neuro internships in Canada that really caught my attention, but I wasn't sure as to the true feasibility...
  2. S

    US Engaged to AUS

    Hi all, I am a US citizen who applied to medical schools in AUS as an international student. I am currently engaged to an Aussie and I was wondering if anyone on this forum had personal experience switching from an international to a domestic student. I was planning on attending school as a fee...
  3. L

    Do you want to find out your overall level of Wellbeing?

    Hello, We are conducting a very interesting study on Citizenship and Wellbeing, we would love to hear your views on this! If you are interested in your overall level of Wellbeing and you want to find out how your sense of citizenship helps you feel good, please click on the link below to start...
  4. I

    Non-citizen with an LCME-accredited degree - need help building CV

    Hi everyone, I'm currently in a Canadian MD program and looking for some insight into how I can build up my CV in order to be a competitive applicant for residency. As of now, I'm a year into my program. Seeing as I will graduate with an LCME-accredited degree, I won't be considered an IMG...
  5. Temook27

    Can I Get in a U.S. Med School?

    Hey Guys. I am currently a liberal arts major, Always had a problem in Choosing, what I wanted to do. Finally, I decided to become a doctor. (General Practitioner). I was a very good student in a high school. Had streight A-s. Then lost an interest in college, and I was not taking studying...
  6. O

    Irish-American Citizen. How do I apply?

    Hello! I am starting to seriously consider going to medical school in Ireland, but I am having a difficult time figuring out how I would apply. I have a dual American-Irish citizenship which makes this process slightly confusing. I moved to the US from Ireland when I was 4 and derived my...
  7. C

    Clinic Laboratory Science/ Medical Technology

    I have looked around on SDN for any MLS applicants who are also pre-med, but a lot of the topics were a several years old and was wondering if there were other MLS student out there. My story: I am a daca student ( which means I was provided with a work permit that allowed me to work in the...