1. berk510

    UCSF School of Pharmacy Class of 2025

    Hey guys, Has anyone else applied to UCSF for this cohort? I’m still waiting on interview invite notification! Hoping to hear back next week whether I’m invited or not. Lets support each other here! Good luck! 🤞
  2. Y

    MUSC Class of 2025

    Hey y'all, This thread is for anyone who has been accepted into the Medical University of South Carolina's School of Pharmacy Class of 2025. Feel free to share your thoughts about your acceptance and please be respectful of fellow respondents.
  3. sasukeuchiha33

    How to classify LOR from professor at another school?

    Hi all! So I'm in the midst of getting my LORs in sorts and had quick question. One of my recommenders was my professor whom I had when I was a freshman; however, she since moved on to teach at another university. In AMCAS, when filling in the LORs it asks if your recommender is associated with...
  4. serendipity14

    applicant for class of 2025

    Hi everyone! I was hoping for some advice on my status for this application cycle. Please give me any advice/recommendations you have. Also, feel free to comment where you're standing right now if you're applying this cycle as well. Good luck to everyone!! 21 y/o Hispanic female from NY...