clinical pathology

  1. P

    Authorship arrangement...what seems fair?

    Hi there, this is very long so I really appreciate any insights! so jumping straight into my problem: I will be running a study this fall, for which my PI and I want to write a paper from. A colleague of mine has been helping a lot on the project preceding it (was needed to get parallel forms)...
  2. PhoebusX

    Clinical Pathology review

    Good day fellow physicians. Any advice for a study sched for clinical pathology certifying exam? I dont know where to start and what to focus on. Anxiety is really getting me and I am in a state of panic. Any review material you can advice or specific topics to focus? Thanks in advance.
  3. P

    PhD/PsyD Thoughts on KCUMB psyd

    Hello all, I need some real life insight on what KCUMBs psyD program is like, I’ve heard good things about the medical school just want know if it’s the same in other programs. Thanks in advance
  4. A

    Laboratory Information System (LIS) Usability Survey

    I'm a graduate student working on a research project to evaluate and compare usability of laboratory information systems (LISs). The goal of the study is to generate new knowledge that could potentially help improve LIS usability. As part of the study, I'm circulating a survey. I'm...