1. F

    Berkeley vs Cornell vs CMU vs UNC Chapel Hill for PreMed

    Hey everyone! I'm a high school senior that has been accepted into the following schools. I am interested in pre-med and I'm torn between my schools. I want to become a well rounded person and so I don't just want STEM classes. I have listed some pros/cons I have discovered from reading other...
  2. FlashMed13

    Rank the following Michigan schools

    Please rank the following MD schools in Michigan: CMU MSU WSU OUWB
  3. docwannabe1

    Ministry Education in B.C : "PREMEDSCHOOL of Caribbean Medical University, Surrey BC is UNACCREDITED

    My legal case (content similar to letter below) got accepted on february 26th 2016 at the small claims of the provincial court in british columbia. Although I have contacted the Caribbean Medical University on more then 6 ocassions from January till March 2016 via all means available they until...