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  1. S

    UAB vs WashU Undergrad

    I am a current high senior who wishes to eventually go on to medical school. I am in-state for UAB and can go there for free. I can also apply for the early medical school acceptance program; however, this is far from a guaranteed acceptance. I have a 35 ACT and feel confident in my ability to...
  2. doe_eyed

    PHARMACY JURISDICTIONS - smarter to choose state you graduated from?

    Hello, So I graduated with my PharmD from Northeastern in Massachusetts. However, my hometown (driver's license, address, etc) is a different state - Connecticut. For picking jurisdictions, is it smarter (this is in italics for a reason) to choose MA, in my case, over CT? Does NABP prefer...
  3. P

    Trouble editing "College attended" on the AACOMAS application

    I am having trouble editing the dates for a college I already entered under the "College attended" section. The instructions say: Q: How can I edit a school in the “Colleges Attended” section? A: To change an entry in the Colleges Attended section while completing an AACOMAS application, click...