combined residency scientist

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    USCE for IM Peds residency

    So I'm a US IMG and I wanted to pursue a residency in IM+Peds, I was wondering what rotations I should take in USCE. Should I take separate rotations in IM and Pediatrics or are there other options? Also in IM, there are various types of rotations like cardiology, etc. Which one is the best IM...
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    EM and OBGYN combined... is it possible?

    I knew a couple doctors who would rotated working in the ER with working up on the floor (mostly IM). But I've yet to see an ER/OF GUN mix. Is it even possible? And if so, how do I get there?
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    Are there any combined residency scientist programs?

    Can we take a phD program while also taking residency in orthopedic surgery? I am a woman and by the time I finish my orthopedic surgery residency, I will be 36 and cannot take a phD beyond 36 because I would like to start a family then, so I would like to combine my phD with my residency. Is...