comlex 2 pe

  1. H

    HELP - Save Osteopathic Students from the Big Bad

    Hello my esteemed colleagues, Many DO students received an ominous email from the NBOME this morning that discusses their attempt to bring back COMLEX 2 PE. Attached is the link which leads to the homepage detailing the Special Commission's recommendations for the Class of 2024's COMLEX testing...
  2. H

    Quick Survey - Help your DO friends out! Attached is a survey from the NBOME that is open to any and all students to voice their opinions about COMLEX 2 PE. It has been suspended indefinitely but it seems they are trying to revive some sort of alternative. Please help your fellow Bone Wizards...
  3. insaiyan-premed

    Step 2 CS discontinued

    Hello, I wanted to know how this would impact Pre-DO students like me who plan to mainly go DO schools as non-trad reinventors. I know PE is still there but w/ Step 1 P/F and Step 2 gone how would I make the case of being competitive for say Rads or EM. I know it's way early thinking about this...
  4. G

    Comlex PE 2018 Date Switch

    Hey everyone! Looking to switch dates for 2018 Comlex Level 2 PE. I currently have AM May 3rd 2018 in PA. Looking for any dates between May 7-11 2018 in any site. Thanks for the help!
  5. RockDoc28

    PE score not ready in time?

    Hi all, I am scheduled right now to take the PE September 7th, as that was the earliest date I could get when I signed up. However, I've been reading that it can take up to 8-10 weeks to get scores back, which is right on the border of when the big meeting in November. Would it be worth trying...
  6. RockDoc28

    COMLEX COMLEX Level II PE 2017

    Hi everyone! I couldn't find a thread about the 2017 COMLEX Level II PE so I thought I'd start one-- please comment a link to an official thread if one exists already. I am starting to study for it and wanted to hear more about how the day went, what you used to study, etc. For...
  7. HelpINneed911

    COMLEX Step 2 PE failed 3 times.

    I have failed the PE three times. The 4th attempt was taken one week ago. 1st take... Failed humanistic and biomedical 2nd take... passed humanistic, failed biomedical 3rd take.... passed biomedical, failed humanistic If I didn't pass the exam this time I will be dismissed from medical...
  8. P

    PE exam - post test anxiety

  9. MetalloBetalactamase

    No Open PE Dates

    I had to field a few financial curve balls and despite the fact my school alleges they gave me the money to set up my COMLEX PE, I didn't have the funds - rent, other test fees, other mandatory fees, namely a big fat ticket, a reinstatement of driving privileges fee, and a credit problems fee...
  10. CLR2303

    Contacting programs for interviews, exposes failed PE?

    I know there are numerous threads on the subject of "should you contact residency programs to ask about status of application/request an interview/express interest" etc... I have already decided to contact my top 5 programs especially those that have not downloaded my most recent COMLEX scores...