comlex level 3

  1. S

    Comlex Level 3 Experience

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone felt like they did poorly on CDM cases on level 3 but still ended up passing the exam. I recently took it - MC were like previous exams but CDM cases I felt like I missed the diagnosis or ordered invasive tests. Anyone else have similar experience? Thank you
  2. T

    Need help to get a guaranteed pass on Comlex Level 3

    I couldn't match this year, and as much as it hurts me I need to have a backup plan in case no residency spots open up in the next couple of months. I know the weakness in my application was board failures. Now that I am no longer in school or in a residency I need to use this time to get...
  3. S

    Taking Step 1 after Match for IM Fellowships

    Hello! I got in the mid-high 400s on my Comlex I and II and ended up taking Step 2CK and did pretty well (230s range). During interview season, PDs actually asked why there was such a jump between my COMLEX and USMLE scores and they wished I had taked Step 1. I am applying for IM and am looking...
  4. N

    New COMLEX 3

    Does anyone know what the new format will be in September? How long, how many questions, etc? I wanted to get it done before it changed but I just switched studying from real medicine (acgme inservice) to COMBANK and am positive I'd fail the COMLEX if I took it as scheduled so now I'm...
  5. B

    COMLEX 3 mess up

    Hey All, so I messed up... majorly during my comlex level 3 today. During my scheduled break, I forgot we weren't supposed to look at electronics and did, during the 10 min one. Obviously, TCA people filled a report, but i continued the test, hoping that the NBOME people wouldn't invalidate my...
  6. Stedari

    USMLE Step 3 Requirement as a DO at ACGME IM Program

    I am a DO and PGY3 in an ACGME Internal Medicine set to graduate in 06/2018. Our administration just informed us that USMLE Step 3 will be a requirement for graduation and that COMLEX Level 3 is not sufficient. As with the other DOs in my class, I am not eligible for USMLE Step 3 as I didn't...