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  1. H

    HELP - Save Osteopathic Students from the Big Bad

    Hello my esteemed colleagues, Many DO students received an ominous email from the NBOME this morning that discusses their attempt to bring back COMLEX 2 PE. Attached is the link which leads to the homepage detailing the Special Commission's recommendations for the Class of 2024's COMLEX testing...
  2. W

    Feel Like I fail COMLEX PE

    Okay, So I am really nervous about failing my PE. Losing hair is an understatement. I felt so anxious throughout the exam and I feel like I probably made more mistakes cause everything is just a blur! Here are my mistakes: Forgot to document a significant physical exam system in two, like the...
  3. MetalloBetalactamase

    I am a HOX Mutant but must take the PE....

    I was born with 9 thumbs and only one true digit. Yet I must type a SOAP note in 9 minutes for the COMLEX PE. I practice, but I come up with some gruesome typos when I try to type quickly. How much to typos count against you in the PE SOAP note?
  4. S

    Comlex PE 2017 Date Switch

    Hey! I currently have my PE scheduled for the last week in July 2017 in Chicago turns out I will be closer to PA during that time and would much rather have a PA date! Anyone looking to switch a PA PE date some time in July, last week of August or September for my Chicago date??!
  5. Schooldude

    Comlex PE Possible Failure Questions

    Just took it two weeks ago and got nervous. For two patients I just said you have this diagnosis and didn't really expand upon it. They weren't crazy medical jargon, and I think they were mostly self-explanatory, but I do wish I went into depth about them. I still did give them a good plan. On...
  6. U

    COMLEX II PE date trade?

    Hey guys, my COMLEX 2 PE is currently scheduled for August 18th, 2016 in Chicago, IL. Unfortunately, that date is not working out with my schedule as I had hoped. If anyone wants that date and has their exam scheduled in September or October 2016 in Chicago and is willing to trade, please let me...
  7. D

    BOTH Looking for PE or CS study partner, early April Exam

    Hi, I am looking for an online, or live, study partner for PE or CS. My exam is during the first week of April. For online/skype/hangouts SP practice, message me. For live practice, I am located in Alabama. Thanks.
  8. B

    PE Review Course

    Would you purchase face to face PE review course taught by experienced faculty. 1/2 day course $400