1. pookey123

    Changes in Graduation Requirements

    How have your programs adjusted their graduation requirements? How much experience do you think you'll graduate with? Here is what Tufts has done as an example: (attached) Also, what percentage of students in your class plan to do residencies? I think it is over 50% for my school this year...
  2. D

    Graduation requirements and % of students staying after graduation

    Hello all, Just wanted to get a sense of your schools' graduation requirements and what is the most difficult category to complete. At Detroit Mercy (formerly UDM) crowns are proving to be a tough one this year with the 144 fourth years requiring only 8 each to graduate but many still...
  3. E

    Not naturally good at procedures

    Like the title says, I feel that I don't have the talent some of my co-residents do when it comes to procedures. This made me shy away from them early in the residency, which made the situation worse. I'm in my second out of three years now. I know there's enough time to practice, especially...
  4. LindaAccepted

    Medical Why Should Medical School Take Four Years?

    Why Should Medical School Take Four Years? [Show Summary] Dr. Deborah Powell believes that a competency-based medical education can be just as effective if not more so than the traditional four-year model that has been in existence for over 100 years. She has been testing that theory with an...
  5. P

    Learning curve for bedside procedures

    new resident here in surgery. Yesterday was my first experience in bedside femoral vein lines and it was not fun. My paranoia of hitting the artery resulted in me having my junior stick it. Granted the patient has a plt level of 7.. just wanted to ask more senior ppl how long it took them to...
  6. LizzyM

    Core Competencies for Entering Medical Students

    Do you have them? Service orientation Social skills Cultural Competence Team work Oral Communications Ethical Responsibility to Self and Others Reliability and Dependability Resilience and Adaptability Capacity for improvement Critical thinking Quantitative Reasoning Scientific Inquiry Written...