1. W

    Submitting AADSAS without DAT Scores

    Hey everyone! I have already submitted my AADSAS app to my (1) state school, and it has been verified. I have yet to take the DAT (set for July 15). Does anyone know which dental schools are reviewing applications without receiving DAT scores first? Besides that, my application is fully...
  2. L

    What is my actual complete date?

    I submitted many of my secondaries the first week of July, let's say 7/7. All of my other materials (letters of rec, MCAT, transcript etc) were already in the system for a few weeks at that point. I received many "Your application is now complete" notifications from schools. I find out from...
  3. P

    Is my AMCAS application considered complete?

    Hey all, Here is my situation. I took the MCAT last year in April but did not get the score I wanted. I held off until this year to apply. I am taking the again MCAT for the second time Sept 9th but still have my old score from last year which brings me to my questions: 1) Will I be considered...
  4. P

    Do you need CASPer score to be sent in order to be complete?

    Hi all! So 3 schools I'm applying to require a CASPer score to be sent to the school. Does this mean you are not marked complete till the score is received? Does this not delay many people's applications since it takes approximately 1 month to process and score the CASPer test?
  5. W

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  6. Rishikish

    How long until I am complete?

    So I got 12 secondaries from DO schools in the last month. I sent the secondary essays back either the same day I received them, or one or two days after having received an invite. My question is, my committee and my DO just uploaded their letters on AACOMAS today (07/19). How long until I am...
  7. S

    TPR FL Scores Dropping? Should I Reschedule?

    My retake is coming up this month :nailbiting: and I'm starting to get worried since my TPR FL scores are dropping. I've heard the general consensus is that TPR Demo & Review exams are harder than most of the Course & Complete ones, so I'm having trouble tracking my progress. Do you guys think...