1. Jlm50

    Pulp Horn Capping with MTA

    If a PT has an exposed pulp horn exposed during a prep and its capped with MTA, a sealant placed over it, and a composite restoration - is it normal for the PT to have a general toothache the day of the procedure? Or is this indication that the MTA will not be successful and a root canal is...
  2. I

    Dr. Collins 2016-2017

    I am selling my Dr. Collins PCAT study guide with the 2017 update. The book is in good condition with slight staining on the tabs of the book due to a spill. There are no pen markings and each section is included in spiral book format. My offer will include a Kaplan biology study along with 3...
  3. R

    Using Composite Wetting Resin in Operative D1 Course

    I was wondering if anyone has any opinion on using wetting resin for composite restorations? Every office I've worked at has used it but our school did not issue us any for our operative course. I was thinking of just purchasing my own to use for the course since it makes the composite so much...
  4. D

    Video Tutorial on Repairing Anterior Tooth Fracture w/ Composite

    I hope this helps those that need assistance in class IV composite fillings
  5. S

    PCAT scores take 2

    So I just took the PCAT again and I'm a little discouraged because I scored less this time. So July 2017: Bio:41 Chem:87 Crit R.:69 Quant:47 Comp:64 And September 2017 Bio:58 Chem:55 Crit R: 72 Quant: 57 Comp: 60 Just wondering what my chances are with this score. I'm applying to six schools...
  6. D

    September 2015 PCAT Need Advice

    Ok I took my PCAT today and my unofficial score is as follows: Verbal Ability 376 (12%) Biology 411 (63%) Reading Comprehension 390 (32%) Quantitative Ability 384 (16%) Chemistry 402 (51%) Composite 393 (29%) So i Studied for 2 months using the PCAT strategies, practice, and review 2014-2015...