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PCAT scores take 2

Discussion in 'Pre-Pharmacy' started by seelton, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. seelton


    Sep 4, 2017
    So I just took the PCAT again and I'm a little discouraged because I scored less this time.
    So July 2017:
    Crit R.:69

    And September 2017
    Crit R: 72
    Quant: 57
    Comp: 60

    Just wondering what my chances are with this score. I'm applying to six schools because I'm so worried I won't get in to any school with these scores and hardly any experience beyond shadowing. Overall, I did better on each section besides the chemical processes section which lowered my composite by a lot. Any thoughts?
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  3. manan982

    manan982 2+ Year Member

    Nov 3, 2015
    What is your gpa? And extra curriculars?
  4. seelton


    Sep 4, 2017
    GPA: 3.47
    As far as extracurriculars go, I currently work in a restaurant and have been there for three years and I have shadowed a pharmacist and am working on more shadowing experiences while I'm applying (to get a better understanding of what types of pharmacy jobs are out there). I'm apart of the Biochemistry Club (ASBMB). I will also be graduating in December with a B.S. in Chemistry.
  5. oregonian19


    May 12, 2017
    As for your GPA and extracurriculars, I think you're in a good position. My one suggestion would be to get more hands-on experience in a pharmacy, however (and varied) shadow experiences may suffice.

    Regarding the PCAT, your chem score the first time was great. I do believe they will consider subject scores from different tests, not everything from a single test, which is good in your case.

    Have you taken all biology prereq courses and when was the last time you took math and English classes? I keep seeing people on here who take the PCAT even though they have never taken A&P, calc, Ochem, etc. and are surprised when they don't do well or are lacking in a given subject.

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