1. Stagg737

    Qbank Question...

    I'm partway through my dedicated time for Level 2 (not taking Step 2) and trying to figure out whether to use COMBANK or COMQUEST. I've already finished UWorld once during the year and am about 1/3 of the way through it a second time. I'm planning on finishing that then moving on to one of the...
  2. Y

    Combank - Needs polishing

    Combank claims to be the best osteopathic Q bank available. Its really unfortunate how many errors there are throughout the Q bank though. Suggestions and student feedback must not mean that much to them as the feedback would sort out or make it a better Q bank overall. Complaints: 1...
  3. D

    COMLEX Official 2016 Comlex 2 CE Experiences and Scores Thread!

    2016 COMLEX 2 CE please post how you prepared What scores you got while preparing UWORL, COMBANK, COMQUEST What was your experience with the test What was your score. 2015 thread :