1. T

    Need Input on how to Address some IAs

    So, I have a decently solid application but there is one big problem. I have 3 IAs. Things get interesting at #3. 1) for alcohol and fire safety in the dorms. That one is pretty annoying because the fire safety part was that my roommate had a hotplate that he refused to stop using. The alcohol...
  2. M

    Schools that do not ask about all criminal convictions on their secondaries?

    I have looked around for an answer for this in other threads and can't find anything recent enough that I find reliable. Does anyone know of medical schools (preferably in the Northeast) that do not ask about criminal convictions/charges on the secondary application? I have a violation for a...
  3. Humerus84

    Roommate got me in trouble for drinking

    Hey guys so I'm new here so I should probably start out with a few stats. I'm a 19 year-old sophomore in college with a 3.9 GPA, I'm an EMT, I'm currently holding two additional jobs and I play the trumpet extracurricularly in the Jazz program. I've wanted to be a surgeon since I was 10 and I've...