Schools that do not ask about all criminal convictions on their secondaries?

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Dec 16, 2015
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I have looked around for an answer for this in other threads and can't find anything recent enough that I find reliable. Does anyone know of medical schools (preferably in the Northeast) that do not ask about criminal convictions/charges on the secondary application? I have a violation for a disorderly conduct but it is not a felony or a misdemeanor, so I know I won't have to list it on my primary application. I feel it is in my best interest to make sure I apply to a solid number of schools who won't ask about anything more minor than a misdemeanor or a felony. If I am asked, I will certainly disclose; however, I would prefer not to disclose if I don't have to. I know this is in the allopathic section, but feel free to include DO schools too. Thanks!

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Wouldn't that still show up on a background check though...?
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Having a record like the one you describe is not a deal breaker. Report it if asked and move on. Not all of us are saints, nor do we expect every applicant to be one.
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Yes, I'm fairly certain that it would show up on a background check. Could I really get an acceptance withdrawn for not mentioning something on a secondary that was not asked? I'm not trying to argue/debate (Adcoms would know better than I would) just trying to understand. If asked about it I would disclose all details, but I feel like listing it when it isn't even asked for would put me at a disadvantage. But you make a good point in that I shouldn't base where I apply off of who won't ask about it; that makes me seem shady/dodgy.
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Regardless, thank you @LizzyM @Goro and @gonnif for responding, you guys are like rockstars on this site and I'm privileged to have input from all 3 of you on this issue
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