confused pharmacy student

  1. Alessandra20


    Hey guys, I'm pretty sure most of us know how annoying pharmcas is but I have a question hopefully someone is able to answer me about this. Regarding the program material section, there is a part for each school for selecting your pre-requisite courses that may fulfill their requirement or...
  2. C

    Are there any Pharm D career options that explore creativity?

    Hi all, I am entering my P3 year in a PharmD program and I am unsure as to what are I would like to go into after school. I am enrolled in a dual degree program (MHS in Health Informatics), which basically explores the technology side of pharmacy. I also have personal interests in graphic...
  3. P

    Managed care or specialty pharmacy?

  4. P

    Pharmacy school Students Help me :(

    Hey everyone, I thought I'd reach out to people who actually are in my shoes. Kinda personal but im desperate. I'm starting pharmacy school and I'm so confused. It's been my dream since I was a child and when I finally got there I'm having doubts. I don't know if it's fear or if it's what I...