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May 23, 2020
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Hey guys, I'm pretty sure most of us know how annoying pharmcas is but I have a question hopefully someone is able to answer me about this. Regarding the program material section, there is a part for each school for selecting your pre-requisite courses that may fulfill their requirement or whatever. Even though, I personally don't understand the point of it because they already have my transcript and a pharmcas transcript entry that I had to do; honestly it all seems like busywork to me. But my question is if I retook a class do I only include my last attempt at the course? or do I select each attempt? they didn't specify and the customer support wasn't much help either. I'm really confused because when I select the course it shows a grade portion so I assume they only want me to show/select what my cumulative GPA is based on. Please note I am talking about the program material pre-requisite section and not academic history, I already entered all my attempted classes on the pharmcas transcript entry. Some clarification would be awesome! here's a picture of what I'm talking about if I sound all over the place :)

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