cpje 2018

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    Retaking CPJE in Nov. 2018 -- Please help!

    Hi, all. New member here. Took the CPJE in Sept and barely failed. Attempting again in November. Any advice? November exam more difficult than other months? What to study and what not to study? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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    2018 CPJE October

    Hello everyone, I haven't seen any post about the October cpje so here we go ! This is my 3rd time taking the exam and I'm super nervous. Especially my wife is relocating to thousandoaks at the end of this month I need to be there w her! I'm just re-studying rxprep book all over again. If...
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    CPJE for Latest Batch (Late August-September 2018)

    Hey everyone, Thought I'd start this new and much-needed post! I was wondering if those of you who have taken the CPJE for this new batch could share your experience as you go. Did you feel rushed on time? I have heard that the July exam was a difficult one and wanted to know what you thought...