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    Pharmacy School Decision: Howard or Creighton

    I got accepted to Howard University Class of 2022 in Washington DC. In addition I have at interview at Creighton University in Nebraska (applied to the long distance program). Still going to the interview, but in case I get accepted there also. Which school is better? I chose to apply to the...
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    Creighton University DPT

    Hello peeps, I had an interview at Creighton on Jan 20, 2017. I was wondering if anyone had heard back? How about those from the earlier interviews?
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    Creighton Interview December 9 2016

    Hi all, I received an invitation to interview at Creighton University School of Pharmacy. I went on to their student portal to register for my interview (one is coming up December 9th so I need to register ASAP) but there is no link to register for the interview. The only links I see are...
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    Rotation Sites in San Diego for Creighton University Distance Pathway

    I am interested in applying for the distance pathway with Creighton University, but wondering if getting a rotation site is difficult in San Diego. Has anyone gone through this program in San Diego?