1. D

    CSULA Post Bacc (Option 1 and 2) 2017 Application Cycle

    Hello, Was just wondering if anyone else applied to the program (I applied to option 1) and is waiting for their decision? In previous threads, they said they received a phone call AND THEN a follow up email? However, I got an email early May (earlier than I expected, I thought there was...
  2. harleyquinn33

    California State Univ.LA option 2

    CSU LA's program seems to be my last option. Does anyone know what they expect from an applicant? As I stated in my previous post, I've take some(and did badly but passed)science courses in the past. This has been the dark shadow over my previous applications. My legit explanation of why I had...
  3. harleyquinn33

    USC rejection: ouch :(

    I applied to the University of Southern California post bacc premed program a week ago, got all my materials to them early this week and was swiftly rejected yesterday. I didn't expect it, it was shocking how quickly they made their decision. This was for the spring 2017 term. They basically...
  4. L

    CSULA Post-bacc Option I Academic Enhancer Fall 2016

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone here applied to this program. It's been super quiet this year although I see some threads from previous years. I called to try to confirm the receipt of my application, but they couldn't confirm whether or not it's been received....a little nerve-wracking...
  5. A

    CSULA Post-Bac (Career changer) 2016 Application Cycle

    Hey! I'm applying to CSULA's Post-baccalaureate Certificate Program for Pre-Health Professionals for Fall 2016! I'm hoping to connect with others who are either applying, or have applied/currently attend CSULA's program. A bit about my stats: Graduated with B.A. in Anthropology from top...