1. N

    How to find QR cutoffs

    what schools have cutoffs?
  2. jbetel

    Low Pat --> Any point in applying to Western (UWO) or U of T?

    Like the title says I didn't do so great on the PAT. Here are my scores: RC: 22 - 74th percentile Bio: 24 - 89th percentile GC: 23 - 92nd percentile PAT: 17 - 24th percentile TS: 23 - 92nd percentile AA: 23 - 90th percentile I was wondering if anyone thinks there is a point in applying to...
  3. B

    Score cut-off for rewrite

    I wrote the aug 5 test and decided I should keep studying with the intention to rewrite on Sept 10 since this is the last test I can take for this application cycle (Canadian med school). I am having trouble setting a cutoff score, so when sept 7th comes around and I get my results I can either...
  4. pinkrosie88


    hey guys, where can i find dat cut offs for all the schools ? A list Prob someone already asked this, but i just wanted to know thanks :)
  5. M

    Is 3.0 gpa cutoff for science gpa too, or only cumulative gpa?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew whether med schools screen for a >3.0 science gpa also, or is it only for cumulative gpa? My cumulative gpa is well above 3.0, but my science gpa might go under 3.0 this semester. I am planning on doing an SMP program, but I just wanted to be sure that...