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  1. L

    UDM vs. Case

    I got accepted to both Case Western and UDM, and I strongly believe both are great schools, so it's hard to make a decision. I'm from Michigan, so going to UDM would be cheaper. Does anyone feel strongly that one is better than the other? Thanks in advance!
  2. T

    CWRU vs OSU

    As an Ohio Resident (living in Cleveland), I was lucky enough to get into both OSU and Case dental school, I know OSU is cheaper than Case, but Case is building their new building which will be done after my second year which I will have my clinicals at the new building. Which school should I...
  3. Dental_Dude

    Incoming Student for CWRU SODM

    Hello! I'm just trying to get some insight from students or others that have experienced CWRU first hand. If you could reply with some information towards starting the DMD program at CASE that would be awesome! I start August 7 2017. Some topics: What year was the hardest/ easiest? Housing...
  4. A

    Need a place to stay during your CWRU interview?

    If you have an interview at Case Western Dental School and need a place to stay, please check out this website http://casedelts.weebly.com/interviewer-room.html There are two dental students from each year leaving in the house that could answer any questions you might have. They could also...