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dat champion

  1. A

    Dat Destroyer Guidance

    I wanted to seek guidance on what would be the best strategy to use with destroyer because a lot of threads I have personally read say to go through destroyer twice but wouldn't you by convention remember the answer from previous. Also after answering the questions what should you do after to...
  2. D

    DAT in 20 days please help I'm lost!

    So I'm taking my DAT in about 20 days I'm not sure what I should be doing in those 20 days and I'm freaking out tbh. This is what I have done so far for practice *I took the first Bootcamp exam for OC and GC and I got 15 on both but this was more than a month ago. *I just finished the DAT...
  3. D

    DAT Breakdown

    One step closer to being a dentist!! 23 TS (24 Bio, 22 GC, 23 OC) / 23 AA / 22 PAT I started my preparation with Kaplan and found their materials to be a solid foundation to build upon. If you are rusty on Gen Chem, Bio or Pre-Algebra.. this is a great resource. However, I felt that their...