dat exam

  1. E

    How far in advance to finalize a DAT date?

    Hello all! I've sifted through previous posts and I haven't seen an answer that really helps me decide, so I'll ask again... How early should I submit and finalize the date for my DAT if I want to take it end of February/first week of March? I am already registered to be able to take (up until...
  2. Auntymarkovnikov

    Pay supplementals before or after DAT?

    Another important question: Should I wait until after I take the DAT to send in supplemental apps so that way I can assess if my scores are strong enough to secure admission somewhere. I just don't want to blow money on schools that I don't have a chance of getting in. I have paid for all the...
  3. Auntymarkovnikov

    What is the best time of day to take the DAT??

    Anyone have any insight as to what time of day is ideal to take the DAT? Morning, afternoon, night? 8am, 12pm, 3pm, etc... ? I am currently scheduled for August 3rd at 4pm but I'm thinking of switching to August 8th at 8am.
  4. Auntymarkovnikov

    Feralis vs Anki vs Cliffs

    My DAT is in less than a month. I read through Cliffs one time and made flash cards on all the destroyer bio problems. I wanted to know you guys think would be most efficient/effective in addition to studying my destroyer flashcards: reading over Feralis, rereading Cliffs, or simply downloading...
  5. RMedin

    What's up with Crack DAT Website?

    I just want to get the Royal Flush software so that I can do PAT tests. The website changed. Is anyone else having this problem?