dat genius

  1. K

    DAT Genius or TopScore?

    Currently a Junior and applying this round, test date late May, begin studying this weekend. I plan on following the Bootcamp schedule, and have purchased DAT/Math Destroyer, Cliffs AP bio book, coursesaver subscription (chads videos), and will purchase the bootcamp subscription when within 90...
  2. OnlyIfICouldTurnBackTime

    How representative are DAT Bootcamp & Genius Scores

    For those who have taken the DAT in 2016... What were your average scores in BC and / or Genius like compared to the real one? How representative were the practice tests in terms of difficulty? I am aiming 23+ to compensate for my low GPA. I've seen varying answers to the threads like this, but...
  3. A


    Hey guys I was wondering I wanted to get some extra pat practice and was going to get cdp but then i taught why not just get dat genius for around the same price and have science and pat exams to study i have bootcamp as well should i do this and get genius instead of cdp is it helpful in pat?
  4. A

    Dat Bootcamp Subject Test

    I was wondering what is the best way to utilize the subject test for dat bootcamp.
  5. T

    Looking to buy DAT prep materials

    Hi I'm taking the DAT in a couple months and I'm looking to buy good DAT study materials! Thank you in advance! Also, any suggestions/advice on studying for the DAT will be greatly appreciated!! =)
  6. D

    DAT in 20 days please help I'm lost!

    So I'm taking my DAT in about 20 days I'm not sure what I should be doing in those 20 days and I'm freaking out tbh. This is what I have done so far for practice *I took the first Bootcamp exam for OC and GC and I got 15 on both but this was more than a month ago. *I just finished the DAT...
  7. X

    Selling DAT QVault, Bootcamp, and Genius subscriptions

    Hi all, I have the following subscriptions for: DAT QVault BIOL - Expires Feb 02/2016 for $45 DAT Bootcamp full length practice tests - Expires Dec 17/2015 for $30 DAT Genius full length practice tests - Expires Dec 21/2015 for $30 Please contact me if interested.