dat qr

  1. baszilion

    25AA / 25PAT / 27TS [2018 DAT] - 2 months prep, materials, tips

    :) Hi all! I took my DAT a few weeks ago and just finished my AADSAS application. Now that I have some time on my hands I thought I'd make this in-depth post sharing my prep and experience in case it helps anyone out there. Here are my scores that I'm pretty happy with: 25 AA [27 TS] 25 PAT /...
  2. K

    Bootcamp QR

    I've been scoring consistent 20s on Bootcamp's practice QR sections, but i'm only missing 4-5 questions. That seems like a really strange way for it to be scored. I figured 35/40 would mean at least a 22? Does anyone know how BC scores these?
  3. Teenythainy

    QR Mean, Median, Mode Questions

    When changes are made to a dataset, how you know when the mean, median, and mode increase or decrease or are above or below a certain number?