dat reading

  1. G


    Hello, I reallllllly am struggling with the Reading Comprehension section of the DAT. Took the test once before and scored less than 14 on the RC section, so please don't tell me the DAT RC is easier-mine was a lot harder. English isn't my first language and I am a slow reader. I was scoring...
  2. niagra_falls

    Using MCAT verbal for RC section

    hello all , is it a good idea to use MCAT verbal books as study material for the RC section of the DAT. Or wil i just be wasting my time ?
  3. P

    RC Word Count Inquiry

    Hey Guys, Reading a lot of breakdowns about rc strategies, I read a lot of individuals say that you should get your reading speed up. So I will start reading scientific journal articles but I was wondering how fast should I be reading a specific word count etc. I think if I am not mistaken...
  4. A


    Hey guys, I was wondering if people can post some of their reading comprehension strategy or given any links of breakdowns with method, and anything else that might have improved your score that you implemented.
  5. J

    I suck at RC

    Hey all, So I'm retaking my DAT in mid july, but I suck at RC... I don't know how to get better outside of practice, practice, practice. Do you guys take notes when you're doing the RC section? What's a good test taking strategy?
  6. D

    DAT reading practice

    Hi guys, I am currently missing 3-5 questions per passage within 20 mins time limit. How can I improve that? Which RC practice materials do you guys use? Update me, please. Thank you.