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  1. F

    DAT Resources

    what are some of the best DAT resources? I am currently using Kaplan but feel myself getting too caught up with the lesson plans and 3 hour videos.
  2. RoseIrene

    My DAT breakdown -- [22AA / 22TS / 23PAT]

    Officially done! I can't tell you how good it feels to have this test completed, it quite literally took over my life these past 2 months. During my time studying this forum was my lifeline. SDN would immediately have a response to my most obscure questions, so I wanted to post a quick version...
  3. T

    Looking to buy DAT prep materials

    Hi I'm taking the DAT in a couple months and I'm looking to buy good DAT study materials! Thank you in advance! Also, any suggestions/advice on studying for the DAT will be greatly appreciated!! =)
  4. D

    DAT Breakdown! (AA 23, PAT 23) :)

    DAT Breakdown RC 24 BIO 23 GC 22 TS 22 AA 23 PAT 23 I studied a total of 4 months (2 months in the summer ~6-8 hours per day, 2 months in the Fall and balanced with school ~1-4 hours/day depending on my uni workload). For RC, I used Search & Destroy, with a little bit of passage mapping...
  5. T

    Best Cost-Effective DAT prep resources?

    Hi All, I'm taking the DAT in 4 months. I would like to get some advice on the best cost-effective DAT prep resources on different subjects. Should I take a Kaplan or Princeton Review online course? Do you know any free DAT resources?