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    RC and PAT more difficult on the 2019 DAT???

    Hey guys I have heard some rumors that the 2019 Dat is more difficult in the RC and PAT sections then it has been in the past. Has anybody taken the DAT in 2019, and can relate? Were your scores relatable to your Bootcamp scores?
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    DAT and Application HELP

    I took the DAT once in March and scored a 17 AA. Did not have enough time to study and a huge break in between studying due to travels. I have a 3.5 GPA, involved in many clubs throughout school years, 1 year research, volunteered in hospital/other medical facility, shadowed 2 dentists 100+...
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    want to postpone DAT, no dates anywhere past Nov 3 anywhere! HELP

    I am scheduled to take DAT november 2nd 2017 however i am nowhere near ready, I have searched so many pro metric centers even in other states and can't seem to find any dates past nov 4... i thought DAT was offered year round? I already send in my application what should i do ?
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    IS NH2 more basic than CH2?

    I know basicity goes <---- this way so the least electronegative the stronger base but one of chads quizzes there was an exception where the NH2 was more basic than c triple bond SO I WAs wondering if its same for all N compared to C
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    which salt gives solution with ph less than 7

    which salt gives ph less than 7 NaBr LiBr AlCl3 KF two of these the book does the crossing of the H2O thing. isn't there a simpler way?
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    math destroyer question

    how many diff ways can 2 girls and 3 boys sit in a row if the 2 girls always sit side by side. I'm trying to apply chads method but i can't tell how. clearly order matters and when order matters he just puts the number of selections on top and thats it because order matters... so it should be...
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    Destroyer Gen CHEM QUESTION

    Guys i have a question about calculating ph problem.. I've been doing this one weird method for every one of those problems and it works.. i want to run it by u guys and see if this is even a thing or I'm just getting lucky lmao so the question states: What is the pH of 1.0 x 10^-4 M Ca(OH)2...
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    DAT Destroyer QR vs. Math destroyer opinions needed

    hey predenttts. I've been studying for my DAT and I recently transitioned from math destroyer to the QR section at the end of DAT destroyer and its like significantly easier.. and i like it lol. But i don't wanna get played so I want to know is the actual DAT like math destroyer or like the DAT...