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    Hello All, I just took my DAT today and I am really upset with my Bio and GC score. Please advise... Is it safe to apply this cycle or should I wait till next cycle? OR Should I apply now with this score and indicate on my app im retaking my DAT and send in a new score once retrieved? Please...
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    Good Enough DAT Scores With High GPA?

    Hi all, I recently took my DAT for the first time and also applied to dental school for the first time this summer. Do my scores listed below look good alongside a strong overall and science GPA (3.76 overall and 3.76 science)? PA-21 QR-19 RC-20 BIO-20 GC-19 OC-17 TS-18 AA-19 The organic and...
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    Got a BA in biology and can't get into dental school..stressed out and really Need help

    So i got my BA in biology from University of Washington in Seattle with a 3.2 gpa about 3 years ago now. I have applied to dental school 4 times and got rejected also did. Did all 3 attempts for dat testing and got 20 score which has expired now...i have shadowed dentist for some months and also...
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