1. B

    WAMC c/o 2027

    24, Female, CA, first-time traditional applicant Degree from UC Davis in Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity received in 2021 School list: UC-Davis (IS), Oregon, Tufts, Ohio State, Western(IS) Cumulative GPA: 3.49 science: 3.41 Last 45: 4.00 GRE: verbal - 151(48%), quant - 161(70%), writing...
  2. imperfection

    UC Davis FM = toxic?

    So I've now had two separate UC Davis fourth years that I met on the interview trail recommend staying away from their FM program because it's "toxic" (based on their experiences rotating there). Add to that the review from a UC Davis resident on sdn's "Scutwork" residency review site which also...
  3. S

    Admission and questions about these schools

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum! I am pre-vet and looking at a few schools. I am not too far into my undergrad to really give an accurate GPA and haven't taken my GRE. But it is currently above 3.6 and I hope to graduate at that or higher, and hopefully will have around there for the science...
  4. EtherOne

    Transfer to UCLA, Berkeley, UCSD, or UC Davis?

    Help, I am a pre-med transfer student. I got accepted to all my schools, MCB for Berkeley, MIMG for UCLA, Microbiology for Davis, and Human Bio for UCSD. I don't care too much about the weather. I was pretty much set for UC Davis, I love the small town and the environment, but now that I got...
  5. Versalia

    UCD vs UCI vs UCSB vs UCSD

    Hi guys, I'm sure you've gotten a plethora of these threads. I'm a confused HS senior and I've been accepted to UCSD, UCI, and UCD, waiting on UCSB. (Also CPSLO, but FA at state schools aren't the best and that's an issue for me). Also, I did not receive CHP/Honors/Regents for these schools. I...