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    Position Available Available PGY1-4 Gen-Surg and Ortho. Residency or Fellowship w/Loan Repayment

    ************BE DEBT FREE AFTER RESIDENCY************ The Navy Medicine Team is hiring General Surgeons and Orthopedic Surgeons who are currently in Residency. PART TIME/RESERVE. Receive a stipend of $2466.00 monthly in addition to your current salary along with 40k/year in loan repayment for a...
  3. D

    I want to work in family medicine/ primary care.

    I am a current freshman in college and I go to a community college. I have though about going to medical school but I really don’t see myself going that route and have read that if you want to go into primary care you shouldn’t go to Med school because you rack up so much debt. I love the...
  4. Lifelong_Learner

    Debt-Free Doctor. What should I put my money towards instead?

    Hi all, I have been thinking about this for such a long time, but I didn't know who to reach out to. Background: I am a Kauffman Scholar, as well as an awardee of several other scholarships. Kauffman Scholars, Inc is a scholarship program built to give underprivileged urban Greater Kansas...
  5. Asclepius293

    Wayne State (Full Ride) vs Jefferson (Loans or HPSP)

    Hey all! Posed this as an extension of a military med thread I made a few days ago, but figured I'd also post it in this thread for feedback. I was recently offered full tuition at Wayne State University. However, I was also accepted to Sidney Kimmel Medical College (Thomas Jefferson...
  6. ldechamps

    Hiring Medical Residency Experts: Get Paid to Share Your Knowledge

    Work from Home for Doctors and Medical Students Great opportunity for medical residents who are looking to earn extra income. We're seeking medical residents and MDs who have successfully navigated the medical residency application process to provide guidance in one or more of the following...
  7. D

    Practicing Dentist -- Be Aware of Finances

    Dental school is not a good financial decision. The cost of attendance they hand you is about 30% lower than it will actually be because it doesn't include accrued interest, tuition increases, or origination fees. Here is the truth. I have practiced for over 15 years living paycheck to paycheck...
  8. M

    ELAM Debt- Free Medical School in Cuba?

    Just wondering if anyone has any information on ELAM medical school in Havana, Cuba. My partner will be attending this fall and I admit, I am a bit skeptical. The program is to help students "relatively" young adults who would like to work in underserved communities attend medical at minimal or...