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    Pacific University (Oregon) Waitlist

    Wanting to start a thread on Pacific University's (Oregon) waitlist status. Post where you are on the waitlist, if you are declining an acceptance, etc. I am currently in Tier 2.
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    How does withdrawing from a waitlist look on reapplication?

    Hi, I'm on the wait-list for University of Florida, but I am no longer considering going there because it is not near my fiancee's career path. I searched around on this website and saw that declining an acceptance and reapplying almost guarantees not getting into any med school. How would it...
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    Pharmacy School interview accept/decline etiquette

    Hello, I had a question regarding the rules, if any, to accepting then declining a pharmacy school invitation. If i accept my number 2 school of choice, but then interview at my #1 choice, would I get penalized somehow by declining the number 2 choice even after I put down the first deposit to...