1. Stoppingtheworld

    TMDSAS: Dell vs UTSW

    Hi Everyone. Thanks for taking the time to review this post. I have been caught between Dell vs UTSW for quite some time. Before the winter holiday, I had decided on UTSW being the best choice for me, due to the proximity to home and prestige. However, Dell has offered me a full tuition...
  2. ThatAggieGuy

    Need some help deciding (Texas Schools)

    Today, I was accepted to Dell medical school! Although I'm very excited, I am also very torn between the 3 schools I prematched to: UTSW, Dell, UTH (Mcgovern). I need some help and different input (possibly from other applicants or medical students) to begin finalizing my choice. Currently I...
  3. M

    Dell vs UTSW 2019

    Both are great schools, and I loved the interview day, facilities, and meeting the students. However, I am torn between the two - which to rank as my #1. I am not entirely sure which specialty I will be going for, but there's a high chance I would like to do something like Derm, Optho, or...
  4. VivaElBirdos

    UTSW vs Dell (after Dell's first step scores released)

    I was fortunate to pre-match into these two schools. Has the comparison changed since the release of Dell's Step 1 scores? (244 average) They have higher Step averages, lower tuition and much smaller class size (50 vs 244). However, UTSW seems to be the safe bet with their established...
  5. S

    Dell Medical School (UT Austin) vs UTMB School of Medicine

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to see what you guys thought when comparing these two schools? If accepted to both, which would you choose (personal opinions totally welcome!)? Thanks!
  6. E

    Southwestern vs Dell vs UT Houston

    I need help in deciding y'all. UT student. I pre matched to all three an d I'm having so many problems deciding. I know mine, but I would love to hear y'all's reasoning/ a new perspective.