dental experience

  1. beakdoc

    AADSAS Dental Experience vs Employment

    Hello, I am a 2023 cycle applicant and have worked in dentistry for an extended amount of time. Since almost all my work experience is in the dental field, do I place all of that in the Dental Experience category, Employment category , or do I need to place some in both? Thank you
  2. 9

    Dental Experience Hours

    Hello all! I just had a quick question: I am applying to dental school this cycle, and I have the following amount of dental experience hours: Shadowing my family dentist: ~28 hrs Shadowing an oral surgeon’s practice: ~76hrs Shadowing a pediatric dentist: ~28 hrs Volunteering as a dental...
  3. uhds

    AADSAS: Type of Dentistry Observed Question

    I have dental experience at a clinic where I shadowed general dentists (residents, director of the entire dental clinic) and the pedodontic resident (there is no pedodontic director just the residents). What should I put when the application asks the type of dentistry observed? Do I make a...