dental loupes

  1. C

    dental loupes help!!

    Hi there! I'm an asian dental student. In my country dental loupes are not so common in school. I never tried them before, so I'm not sure if I can adapt to a new one (is there anyone who has your preferred position but adjust it when got loupes pls help!!). Actually I'm wondering if wearing...
  2. annaball

    Lumadent Loupes anyone ?

    Hi getting my first pair of loupes and I pretty much decided on TTL. Due to the limited choice of dealers I have in my country, I have marked down to Zeiss TTL 2.5x, Univet TTL 3.5, Zumax TTL 3.0x and Lumadent TTL 3.5x (to purchase and ship from online instead of contacting local dealer). Due...
  3. P

    For Sale Examvision Kelpler Kompakt Loupes 5.7x

    Condition is Used. Little scratches on right inner scope but no problem with using. Original price was about $3000. Selling for $1200 but price is negotiable , you can make an offer. Included 1. Examvision Kepler Kompakt Loupes 5.7x (interpupilary distance.:64cm, working distance : 45cm) with...
  4. pikaboo

    Surgical and Dental Loupes HELP!

    Hey there, would any practicing dentist or any dental students with the experience of buying dental and surgical loupes help me? Please :) ... I would love to know how do you guys choose them and where is the best place to buy them in Canada/US (best brand/ online vs store etc). Thanks in...
  5. amalgam2020

    Are expensive loupes/lights *really* that much better?

    Our next restorative course is coming up, and everyone's researching/buying loupes. I've done a lot of research, and I've narrowed down the kinds of loupes I want, but they're really expensive. I'll be getting the student discount, so I guess now would be a good time to buy them. And they'd be...
  6. chompsss

    Wireless Dental Loupes Light

    I know it's a limited field right now, but who's got experience with what? Seems like the popular ones right now are the Design for Vision Daylite Wireless (original and Mini version), Orascoptic Spark, Orascoptic XV1, and maybe some others (Nano Freedom, Snap on Optics Cordless, etc.). We all...
  7. AAFutureRDH


    I am selling my Orascoptic Endeavour light for $700 Neg, I will sell the my Rydon Carbon color HiRes 2.5x loupes with the Endeavour light included for $1400 Neg. Loupes come in the original case and have all original padding and papers included. They are less than a year old and work perfectly...