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    Can you get a 1.5 million dollar dental practice loan?

    Just out of curiosity, will a bank ever lend you a 1.5 million dollar loan to purchase a dental practice. Suppose you wanted to purchase a 2 million dollar dental practice, how would you go about financing it? I'm assuming they would like to see prior production totals to see that you can...
  2. H

    Starter Practice for Sale in NYC!

    Great for students soon to be graduating from a residency program soon! See Ad below! Are you entrepreneurial and enjoy making a profit while practicing dentistry? Why work for someone else rather than owning your own practice? Don’t sweat trying to build up a new office when you can purchase...

    EU dentist -where can I practice outside the EU?

    Hi. I'm a 4th year dentistry student (in Europe). Can somebody tell me where can you practice dentistry outside the Europe ,after graduation -I'm interested about United States. -I ve read online that the only way to practice dentistry in US is to complete an international dental program there...
  4. whosnisarg

    Fun Little Question! (Florida Dentistry)

    Hey, guys! Just wondering - what are your thoughts on private practice ownership in Florida (specifically in/near Miami) for mostly cosmetic cases? I was thinking about where people care most about their looks and I've already heard NY and CA are pretty saturated but haven't heard much about...
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    Commuting to avoid Saturation

    We all know the whole schpiel, don't practice in a metro area. Competition is tough and getting tougher by the millisecond! Is a way to get the best of both worlds to simply take an hour long commute to your dental practice? Suppose you really want to live in LA, or any other big desirable...
  6. R

    Buying a Dental Practice, Starting a Dental Practice - Price Transparency

    I came across a series of articles on dental pricing transparency. I think its a great article, especially because millennials expect and appreciate this. Article also talks about how a Chicago practice took a different angle when starting their practice. I think its applicable to anyone who is...
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    New Grad buying a Dental Practice

    So I was reading the "Lets buy a Dental Practice" thread by Hammer and it was pretty interesting but I still have a few questions about the whole process. Is it feasible for a new grad 1 year out of Dental School to buy a million dollar practice and would a bank loan over 700k for that...
  8. K

    What is the true production to collection ratio for a private run dental practice?

    This is my first job as a dentist in United States. I have just started working for a private dental practice that offers 40% of collection. However after the first month all the details I received shows on a production of $30000 for the month, the collection was only $10000. And my take home...
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    Considering relocation to the Caribbean to practice dentistry--PLEASE help, information request

    I have been licensed to practice dentistry in Kansas (US) since 2003. My wife and I are considering relocation to the Caribbean in the very near future. I am hopeful I can buy/own a practice. I am looking for information regarding where I can practice, what the dental license requirements...
  10. S

    For Sale General Dentistry Office near Saint Louis, Missouri

    Established General Dentistry Practice for SALE near Saint Louis, Missouri, located in Wright City, MO. Address: 109 Westwoods Rd, Wright City, MO 63390 Please Call 636-745-2424 if interested Or email [email protected] Willing to negotiate. Thank you,
  11. udba

    For Sale Erie, PA-Dental Practice-Available-For-Immediate-Purchase

    Due to the unexpected passing of Dr. Ross Pineo, his practice in Edinboro, PA (Erie County) is available for immediate purchase. The practice has had increased collections each of the past 4 years with 2015 collections of $400k+. The practice has great exposure and offers plenty of parking...