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    Rutgers MBS Dental Scholars Track

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    Rutgers MBS Spring 2022

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone got their acceptances yet? I applied about a month ago and still waiting to hear back, on the dental scholars track if that makes any difference. :confused:
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    Rutgers Newark SGS MBS Dental Scholars 2018-2019

    Hey all, I was recently accepted for this fall 2018. Wanted to open up a thread for others joining the class! Had bunch of questions for past/current/future students! Woulda 1 year track be recommended, or is 3 semesters more common? What classes would you recommend for a 1 year track...
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    MBS Programs: Rutgers Dental Scholars vs. Barry University

    Hi guys, I have recently been accepted into Rutgers MBS Dental Scholars program in Newark this Spring 2018 and the 18-month track at Barry University's Master's in Biomedical Science Program, also Spring 2018. I am having a heard time deciding between the two program. Could former/current...
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    Rutgers MBS Dental Scholars Progam

    Hi guys, I'm expected to start Rutgers MBS program in Newark this fall. So I'm trying to plan out my classes. Could former/current students from this program please tell me what are some good classes to take? Thank you :)
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    International Journal looking for good dental articles International dental journal looking for good dental articles to be published.
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    Pre- dent Master programs opinions 2016

    Hi!! Im pre-dent with a very uncompetitive undergrad GPA (around 2.7). Had a lot going on my junior and senior year but somehow made it though and graduated although my GPA took a toll. I chose not to chance taking the DAT and just apply straight to Masters programs. So i took a year off and...