dental school fees

  1. i D M D

    TAKE ACTION NOW: Fight for federal subsidized loan for dental students

    Write your lawmakers today and ask them to cosponsor H.R. 4223, the “Protecting Our Students By Terminating Graduate Rates That Add to Debt” Act or POST GRAD Act. Taking action will only take a minute and will further support ASDA’s lobbying efforts on this bill at National Dental Student Lobby...
  2. J

    Unusual Dental Fields - Please help

    I am currently a third year dental student and I am having a very, very hard time liking the field of dentistry. I applied to medical school in college and was rejected by all the schools I applied to after doing terrible on the MCAT. I studied for roughly 600 hours for the MCAT and did so...
  3. BioForLife

    Does this Look Bad?

    Hey, all. I sent my payment to University of Kentucky yesterday (online), and today got an alert that I had insufficient funds in my account to cover it. I just deposited a check a moment ago (I was expecting the check to come in a little earlier). Does it affect my chances of getting into this...