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    Mount Sinai Dermatology Research Fellowship in NYC

    Mount Sinai Dermatology Research Fellowship in NYC – MD required Dermatology research fellowship position available for July 2019. The Dermatopharmacology Fellowship is a two-year, non-ACGME accredited program that introduces fellows to the fundamental principles of conducting clinical...
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    Position Available Dermatology Clinical Research Fellowship 2017

    Location: Center for Clinical Studies, Houston, TX Program Director: Stephen K. Tyring, MD, PhD, MBA Availability: July 1, 2017 The Center for Clinical Studies in Houston, Texas has availability for 3 clinical research fellows, starting July 1, 2016. The fellows will be involved in a variety...
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    Paid derm research

    I'm looking for a pre-medical student, medical student or resident with writing/publishing experience interested in making pocket money for help researching and/or writing articles about 10 pages in length. We are looking to debunk myths about the skin and skin care products. We seek to...