derm residency

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    AOA status screen

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    LORs for MSTP student applying to derm

    I'm an MSTP student soon to be going back to third year. Heavily interested in Derm though it's possible that I will fall in love with something else during my rotations. I have done some shadowing in derm during my PhD. My PhD is in bacteriology host pathogen interactions and tying it into derm...
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    Do any Derm programs sponsor H1b for USMGs?

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    Weird/unique residency programs

    Is anyone aware of particularly unique residency programs at various teaching hospitals? I came across a good example of one yesterday when I found out about Penn's "Cutaneous Oncology" program. At any other institution, this is usually a post-derm fellowship, but at Penn, it appears to be a...
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    DO derm residency/TRI options

    So with having to apply to derm as a PGY1, it seems like the options are very limited if you don't end up matching. Does anyone know, can you only scramble into other PGY2 positions that also require a TRI (rads, pm&r, etc)? Or could you scramble, for example, into a PGY2 family medicine position?