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    Position Swap Psych PGY2 (preferred) DFW Area Swap to Houston area PGY2 or PGY3 (2019)

    Looking to transfer to Houston Psych. If interested please reply. Looking to swap due to family illness.
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    Looking to Shadow a PA in the DFW/Waco/Corsicana/Austin area?

    Hello! I am a junior biology student at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. I have had a bit of a hard time finding PAs who would allow me to shadow them. I am willing to travel if need be. If anyone is open to this or has the information for someone else who may be, please let me know...
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    Gap Year Ideas?

    I recently graduate from undergrad with the intention of working at a dental office for the duration of my gap year. Well.... plans kinda fell through very last minute sadly and now I've kinda frantically been trying to figure things out this whole summer. Does anyone know of any gap year...
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    Taking Orgo Lecture at one University and the labs at another?

    Hey everyone. Non-traditional in Dallas here. I'm wrapping up my premed requirements (had everything but orgo as an undergrad) and I need to take orgo 1 w/ lab, and orgo 2 w/ lab. UTA in the DFW area has Orgo 1 at 6 PM during the summer, and it has Orgo 2 at 7 PM during the Spring, which is...