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Jul 11, 2016
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I recently graduate from undergrad with the intention of working at a dental office for the duration of my gap year. Well.... plans kinda fell through very last minute sadly and now I've kinda frantically been trying to figure things out this whole summer. Does anyone know of any gap year opportunities? I wanted to remain involved in the dental scene (office, lab, research, etc.) either in Houston (where I went to school and originally intended to work) or DFW area (where I'm originally from) but am always open to other opportunities!!

super frank

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Oct 16, 2014
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Do whatever you're interested in. Does not have to be related to dentistry. For me I'm working as part of a research lab (paid, of course) during the week and volunteering with two organizations over the weekend. I'm also tutoring a little. I would shadow every now and then if what you're doing isn't related to dentistry.

I have loans, so finding a good paying job was of utmost importance to me. Others aren't burdened with undergrad loans. In that case I would probably just find some cool volunteering opportunities.
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