1. A

    Cars improvement advice

    I'm sure this question gets asked a lot, but i'm getting pretty frustrated with the CARS section and need some guidance. On almost all the full lengths I've taken (AAMC, PR, etc.) I've consistently been getting 123 on the CARS section. I've tried some techniques from youtubers, and princeton...
  2. X

    How do you memorize/learn a page of information in medical school?

    Hello everyone. My question may need some clarification. I frequently find myself just forgetting information, being stuck on a page forever, sometimes passively reading, sometimes constantly quizzing myself and being stuck. I am in third year and this is killing my time. My ultimate question...
  3. D1Bound

    Difficulty of Dental School

    Hello I was wondering if some people could give me advice about how "hard" dental school is. I recognize it's what you make of it and if you want to specialize then it is all the more rigorous because one must worry about grades. In undergrad, one must seek to answer the "why" question and apply...
  4. S

    It's just not clicking

    Hey everyone, I am a first year family medicine resident and I am currently in my third block of the wards. I just feel like nothing is clicking. Like I don't see the big picture. I see my coworkers and they all seem to be getting everything and it seems to be coming so easy to them. All I...
  5. PromisedNeverland

    Difficulty of Pharm School, graduating late?

    How many of you have faced academic difficulty in pharmacy school and had to take 1 more year in order to graduate? How many hours did you study a day ? What happens if you fail a class in pharmacy school?
  6. tomdapredent

    Reading Comprehension Harder on Real DAT

    Hey everybody, I was wondering if anyone has advice on how I can prepare for the RC section of the test. I took the DAT for the first time in the beginning of July, and will be retaking the test at the end of this month. I am very worried and lost when it comes to studying for the RC...
  7. Unlucky Asian

    Chance of getting into a UC and its difficulty based on my stats?

    I know you guys probably get this a lot, but I didn't think that asking this in someone else's thread would be cool. I'd like a general idea of the difference between typical high school and college workloads. I'm pretty sure I can get into a UC with a 1900 SAT and ACT score that is coming in...
  8. D

    What exactly is so "hard" about medical school?

    So I'm starting medical school next August and I just wanted to see what I'd be getting into. There's no doubt that medical school is difficult, but what exactly is tough about it? I understand the work load is tremendous, but are the exams themselves challenging/critical thinking, or more...