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    How to disclose arrests on ERAS

    Hello, I have to disclose 2 prior arrests when it comes to my ERAS app (Both are marijuana possession charges). These happens 7-6 years from when I will apply to residency. Both charges were dismissed (so no conviction) ERAS asks: 1. Have you been convicted of a felony? 2. Have you been...
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    MD & DO How much did you disclose on school health forms?

    Hi All- Not trying to be sneaky here, just pragmatic, and wanted to get some input from current students. I'm wading through the start of school paperwork, and the student health screening form is... surprisingly broad. It asks for any diagnosis of anything current or past, any meds current or...
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    MD MD father primary app disclosure: anchor on otherwise-strong app?

    If TLDR: refer to bolded for quick skim.. I do not want to come off as entitled. I do believe that income/background disclosures have a place on the primary application so as to benefit URM populations. What I oppose is their disclosure being (arguably) mandatory. My father is a prominent ER...
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    Do MD/PhD Directors Talk?: Disclosing Where You've Applied/Interviewed

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    Accepted - Now how should I disclose a criminal conviction?

    Hi all, Long story short, I am accepted to a school that did not ask about any prior convictions in their secondary app. I also did not disclose the conviction on my AMCAS because it didn't occur until after I had submitted the app. The incident occurred in early Winter 2014 and was a DUI with...
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    Stigma Against Applicants with Previous Psychopathology?

    Hi all, So I am applying to Clinical Psych Ph.D. programs in next year's cycle, and I have some confidence in my stats: 3.8 overall GPA/4.0 Psych GPA, 320+ GRE score, research experience with poster presentations, etc. (though of course I know several other applicants have similar things going...